The Notre Dame Family Challenge

After making your first gift on Notre Dame Day, you'll gain access to a unique link that you can use to encourage others to click on to make a gift and help strengthen the areas of the University that mean the most to them. At the end of Notre Dame Day, every member of the Notre Dame family who refers five or more people to make their first gifts on Notre Dame Day 2020 will be entered to win 2 premium tickets to a Notre Dame football home game of your choosing in 2021!

1842 Challenge

Notre Dame regional clubs, broken into categories by size, compete to earn an additional $1,842 for their cause! The clubs that receive the most unique donors throughout Notre Dame Day within each size category are declared the winners!

2019 1842 Challenge Winners

Size Category
Regional Club
AA ND Club of Indianapolis $1,842
A ND Club of Lake County $1,842
B ND Club of Jersey Shore $1,842
C ND Club of Central New York $1,842
D ND Club of Greensburg/Uniontown $1,842
E ND Club of Stuart $1,842
F ND Club of Gettysburg $1,842

ND 100 Challenge

The 100 highest-ranked causes from ND Day 2019 are placed in one of six divisions and compete for additional funds in this special challenge pool. The causes within each division that receive the highest percentage increase of donors from 2019 to 2020 will earn bonus funding! In order to be eligible for the prize dollars, you must increase the number of unique donors to your cause over 2019's ND Day results. If you are the only cause in your division to beat your 2019 donor count, your cause will receive the prize dollars for first, second, and third place! If only two causes in your division are eligible, the two groups will split the third-place winnings.

Biggest Movers

The ten causes outside of the ND 100 with the largest percentage growth in donors over ND Day 2019 will win $1,000 each!

Your cause must receive a minimum of 20 donors in 2020 to be eligible to win.

Hourly Challenges

Causes within the same category can compete for additional funds every hour. The cause that receives the most gifts during their 60-minute challenge window will win an extra $500!

Sunday 7-8 PM All $500
8-9 PM All $500
Monday 7-8 PM NDAA Club $500
8-9 PM Athletics $500
9-10 PM Student Groups $500
10-11 PM Club Sports $500
11-12 PM Centers and Institutes $500
Tuesday 9-10 AM ND in the Community $500
10-11 AM Academy $500
11 AM-12 PM Graduate School $500
12-1 PM Centers and Institutes $500
1-2 PM Special Interests $500
2-3 PM NDAA Clubs $500
3-4 PM Academy $500
4-5 PM ND in the Community $500
5-6 PM Special Interests $500
6-7 PM Athletics $500
7-8 PM Graduate Schools $500
8-9 PM Club Sports $500
9-10 PM Student Groups $500
10-11 PM Residence Halls $500