Celebrate what you love about Notre Dame

Notre Dame Day is a celebration of the clubs, teams, dorms and more that make up the University we love. Over the course of 29 hours, the Notre Dame Family competes to raise money for their favorite areas of campus and a live broadcast tells hundreds of amazing stories of students, professors, alumni and friends of Notre Dame who are making an impact all over the world.


Make a gift and amplify your impact

For each $10 minimum gift directed to a specific campus cause, that group will receive not only your gift, but also a share of the Notre Dame Day Challenge Fund. That’s right—make a gift to your favorite cause to amplify your impact and drive big results.

Tune in to watch amazing Notre Dame stories

Tune in on April 26, 2020 at 6:42pm ET to watch the Notre Dame Day broadcast LIVE from the University of Notre Dame featuring hundreds of amazing stories from campus and beyond!

Fundraising Challenges

No one likes competition more than the Notre Dame Family. Check out these fundraising challenges and watch the leaderboard to see where your favorite cause ranks throughout Notre Dame Day!


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