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Prize and Challenge Details

Notre Dame Day Challenge Fund

The University of Notre Dame gratefully acknowledges the benefactors who so generously funded the 2023 Notre Dame Day Challenge Fund:

  • Cheryl ('86) and Tom Kuster

  • Stephanie Gallo ('94)

  • Tony Carr

  • Julie ('89) and Don Rocap

  • Kirk ('96) and Wendy ('92) Cordill

  • Marilyn Eckelkamp

  • Dave ('87) and Clare Butler

  • Joan ('74) and Barry Gluck

  • Lenda Naimoli

  • Paul ('75) and Brenda Gilsinger

  • Pete ('95) and Marybeth ('95) Connolly

  • Jill ('92) and Steve Stafford

  • Bill ('90) and Stephanie Angrick

ND 100 Challenge

The 100 highest-ranked causes from Notre Dame Day 2022 are placed in one of six divisions and compete for additional funds in this special challenge pool. The causes within each division that receive the highest percentage increase of distinct donors from 2022 to 2023 will earn bonus funding! In order to be eligible for the prize dollars, you must increase the number of distinct donors to your cause over 2022's Notre Dame Day results. If you are the only cause in your division to beat your 2022 donor count, your cause will receive all available prizes for your division. If only two causes in your division are eligible, the two groups will split the third-place winnings. NDAA Regional Clubs involved in the 1842 Challenge are not eligible for the ND100 Challenge.

Biggest Movers

76 groups with largest percentage growth in donors over 2022 win $1,000 each (must receive a minimum of 20 donors to be eligible).

We Are All ND Bonus Fund

25 of the student culture groups on campus with the largest percentage growth in donors over 2022 win $1,000 each. (must receive a minimum of 20 donors to be eligible).

1842 Challenge

ND Clubs, broken into seven categories by size, compete to earn an additional $1,842! The clubs that receive the most donors on ND Day in these groups are declared the winners!