Frequently Asked Questions

What is Notre Dame Day?

Notre Dame Day is a 29-hour celebration of the University we love. The Notre Dame Family competes to raise money for their favorite areas of campus, and a live broadcast tells hundreds of amazing stories of students, professors, alumni, and friends of Notre Dame who are making an impact all over the world.

What makes Notre Dame Day contributions so special?

On ND Day, each gift has an even bigger impact than usual thanks to the generous benefactors who donate the Challenge Fund. For every $10+ gift a cause receives, the cause will earn a share of the Challenge Fund. Even better? A donor’s first ND Day 2020 gift earns a bonus share of the Challenge Fund! At the end of Notre Dame Day, each cause will receive all of the direct $10+ gifts, along with the cause’s portion of the Challenge Fund!

When does the Challenge Fund match end?

The matching component of Notre Dame Day will close at 3:00am on April 28 to account for members of the ND Family in different time zones.

What is the 2020 Notre Dame Day Family Challenge?

After making your first $10+ gift on Notre Dame Day, you'll gain access to a unique link that you can use to encourage others to click on to make a gift and help strengthen the areas of the University that mean the most to them. At the end of Notre Dame Day, every member of the Notre Dame family who refers five or more people to make their first gifts of Notre Dame Day 2020 will be entered to win. Prizes for the 2020 Family Challenge will be announced soon.

How do causes access the Challenge Fund?

You can make a gift of $10 or more to any cause participating on With each $10+ gift to a specific cause, that cause will earn a share of the Challenge Fund along with your $10+ gift.

Is there a minimum donation amount?

Yes, there is a minimum $10 gift to participate.

Will my cause receive a larger share of the Challenge Fund if I give more than $10?

No. At Notre Dame Day’s core is the concept of equality. The matching model is designed to ensure those with larger philanthropic means do not dominate the distribution of the Challenge Fund. Thus, each gift of $10 or more will equate to the same size share of the Challenge Fund.

Can I send a gift by mail or phone?

Yes, you can! However, you must make a gift online or by phone to receive votes.

Will my contribution be tax-deductible?

Yes! You will receive a tax receipt via email immediately after you make a gift.

Will my gift count towards my Football Ticket Lottery eligibility?

Yes! You can review the requirements for the Football Ticket Lottery.

How do I watch?

Watch the live broadcast on the homepage of

When is the Notre Dame Day Broadcast?

The Notre Dame Day broadcast begins on April 26, 2020 at 6:42pm and runs until 12:11am on April 28.

When is the Challenge Fund deposited in our University account?

Your share of the Challenge Fund will be deposited in your University FOAPAL account in August of 2020. The $10+ gifts designated to your cause will be deposited into your FOAPAL as soon as they are processed.

I am having trouble with my gift. Who can I call?

Don't worry—we're here to help! Please call our Donor Experience team at 574-631-5198 or email